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 Tachikawa High App: Tachibana, Reina  by LaPetiteBallerine  Tachikawa High App: Tachibana, Reina  by LaPetiteBallerine
hey, guys!! :iconsatoshiwaveplz:
soooo, i finally made an app for :iconsparklesplz: :icontachikawa-high: :iconsparklesplz: ~ I'm so happy on how it turned out ❤️
uaaah, i haven't drawn in a while :iconasdfghplz: i'm thinking of drawing adopts and drawings for auction before summer ends since i really need some points (and i need to fulfill my dreams of being Premium :iconasdfghbeeplz:)
and speaking of summer ending, I'm going back to the Philippines :iconcrai-plz: I'll miss Japan :iconsobbplz: (i'll just keep my fingers crossed so that i could get permanent visa and live in Japan starting next year)
okay, back to the app.
since it's my first time doing rp, i chatted with friends and asked for some tips and pointers for my app. I also sought help from my Japanese cousin, Airi nee-chan. She's the one who helped me with Reina's last name (Tachibana is her best friend's last name), her love for dancing (nee-chan is a hip hop dancer :iconsmile-luplz:) and some other. Its of information about her
by the way, this wonderful (rly? :iconmingplz:) cousin of mine has FINALLY created  a deviantART account, but she doesn't use it that much. But even though, i still hope you guys check her out. She's WAAAAY better at drawing than me (she draws traditionally tho ; v ; )
here's the link to the girl who loves to lock me up in my room as a joke and corner me randomly all the time. go watch this nee-chan. just watch out for her gross kisses: :iconaiwieee: (
also, please check this girl out, she's really good at drawing, and she's also entering with me in Tachikawa High: :iconyowaneyamanaka: (she hasn't submitted her app yet, but i bet it'll be amazing <3
i really, REALLY hope I get in, i worked on this for a few days straight, i really thought up on the bio, and even asked for some pointers from my friends. I hope this application gets accepted and my hardwork bears fruit


Name: Tachibana, Reina
Nickname: Rei chan, Nana chan, Reina sama, "Little Brat" (by his cousin, Satoshi)

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 15 years YOUNG (young. Deal with it. :iconmingtearsplz:)
Grade: 1

Dormitory: Sakuramachi
Club: Dance Club

* hip hop dancing
* playing the violin
* eating (MACARONS AND DOUGHNUTSSS :iconheyboyplz:)
* her lovely piercings (even though her mum hates it)
* stockings and long socks
* anything girly
* her parents and her onii-chan
* listening to music
* fashioooon~
* sneakers
* watching TV shows
* pastel colours (and Black. And Gold.)

* studying (even though she manages it well)
* her annoying and clumsy older cousin, Satoshi
* bad, selfish, rude, and annoying people
* bananas and eggplants (yuck!)
* her height (ugh)


~ Girly and proper

Because of her Mother, Reina grew up into a proper young lady, but she tends to show off her crazy, noisy, and boyish side (which disappoints her mother).

~ Humourous

She tells jokes and puns, but they are very corny.

~ Innocent

She doesn't get any perverted jokes/stuff. but she sometimes curses--influenced from her father, brother, and cousin.

~ Honest

She always tells the truth, but she lies when she's desperate.

~ Dependent

Her brother protected her in her whole life, so she doesn't really know how to take care of herself. But she claims that she's an adult and can handle her own problems :iconmingplz:

~ Friendly

She used to hated the idea of making friends when she was young. But now, she LOVES it!! When she's around new people, she gets shy, but gradually opens up once she slowly gets to know them.


~ Early years ~

Reina was born in London, England under the wealthy Tachibana family. Her father, Shigeru, is the current President (Shacho) of their company, the Tachibana Industries. Her mother, Ayame, is the company's current Senior Executive Vice-President (fuku-Shacho).

Despite of being busy with their jobs, Shigeru and Ayame, alongside with Ryuu (her onii-chan) raised Reina very well.

~ Family Background ~

Her father, Shigeru, is an easygoing person. He tries his best to support his family very well. He is also kind of rude and annoying. He always jokes around on serious topics (including company problems), which makes his wife furious (and makes Reina hit her father when he gets too annoying). He acts more of a brother than a father.

Her mother, Ayame, is a very warm-hearted person. Aside from that, she's short-tempered and becomes very furious whenever she loses her temper. She is also quite strict.

Her older brother, Ryuu, who is twelve years older than her, is a very mature young man. Currently at the age of 27, Ryuu is the Executive Director (Senmu) of their company. He always watches Reina ever since they were young. He dedicated part of his life protecting his younger sister, which came to the point of him being so overprotective with her. He acted more like a father to her than a brother. Even though he's like that, Reina still loves him so much.

Reina grew up in a very friendly (but strict) household. Her family loved going on adventures, visiting different countries and tourist spots. They would also visit her grandparents (Kazuno and Kazuya, the Kaicho and Fuku-kaicho of Tachibana Industries) every time that they can.

Sometimes, her annoying and clumsy older cousin, Satoshi (whose traits are the exact opposite from the meaning of his name) would visit them on summer. Whenever he stays, they always tend to fight over many things. (But that's a different story..)

~Kindergarten/Preschool ~

Reina and her family are currently in England, and she's getting enrolled to a kindergarten school in London.

Unlike every other kid who's starting to go to school, Reina was very scared to enter kindergarten. She hated the fact of separating from her parents and brother. She hated the idea of making friends. She doesn't even know what friends are (and it sounds strange to her). All she wants is her family.

With patience, her family explained how fun going to school would be. They told her happy things they would do, and how fun having friends were. Hearing those words, she finally got encouraged to go to school. Her family was right, kindergarten WAS fun! She made a lot of friends (except for the studying part- it wasn't fun for her :iconimboboplz:)

~ Elementary ~

After some time, her parents decided to return to Japan with their children, for Reina to continue her studies there and for Ryuu to practice becoming a Senmu. Later on she's been enrolled in an international school located in Komae, Tokyo.

Thanks to her private tutors whom her parents hired (and extra help from her brother :iconleapprovesplz:), she managed to ace most of her classes, even though she isn't very motivated with studying (she prefers goofing around and being lazy: much to her mother's dismay of not acting like a lady).

When Reina turned seven, her mother, who was quite of a stage mum and a perfectionist, made her attend different talent workshops, thinking that she would use those talents in the future when she gets 'discovered' and become a 'celebrity' (tbh, Ryuu underwent those too :icongtthplz:). She didn't like being forced to do those. She didn't like all of them, not even a single one. One of the workshops she attended was ballet at a dance studio. She loved ballet, but she soon realized that it wasn't her style, so she tried hip hop dancing (which was another workshop at the same studio). Later on, after more practice, it became her passion, and she became determined to be a proffessional hip hop dancer someday.

~ Middle School/ Junior High ~

She still aced her classes. She became quite popular, but she still stayed humble. When she's with other people, she is very shy and quite, but once she gets to know them, she slowly shows her noisy, crazy side (which is again, what her mother would hate).

When Reina turned 12, her grandmother, Kazuno, who was already very old, died. She left a very important heirloom to her: a violin. According to her mother, Kazuno was a violinist who dreamed of being a famous musician, but sadly, she didn't get to fulfill it. After hearing that story, Reina decided to fulfill her grandmother's dream herself, so she started her violin lessons. However, she found it very hard for her, since she was doing hip hop dancing at the same time. It was very hard for her to balance three things: studies and workshops, violin, and dancing. She felt pressured doing those things all at the same time.

Because of this, Reina became slightly depressed. Her studies didn't go very well. Her violin performance became very bad. She didn't even feel motivated to dance. Her parents and brother tried asking her what's wrong, but she didn't want to tell. She then became more depressed than ever. She was so depressed, she started piercing her ears with a needle and wore spiky earrings and chains. Her mother found out about this and she enraged. She then asked her what's really bothering her, so she told everything. She wanted to fulfill her grandmother's dream. She wanted to become a hip hop dancer. She wanted to make her mother proud by attending all of her workshops, but she couldn't do it all.

After hearing her problem, her mother decided to help her. She taught her on how to balance all of them properly. She also let her drop out from the workshops that she didn't even want to attend. She realized how hard she has been on her daughter, forcing her to be perfect even though she didn't want to. Soon, Reina overcame her hardships, and her life went back to normal. Her piercings? She loved them and still wore them secretly, even though her mother hated it so much.

~ Summer before starting Tachikawa High ~

--- Graduation has ended ---

Ryuu: i'm so proud of you, Reina! :iconnarutothumbsupplz:

Reina: a-arigato, onii-chan! :iconmoeblushplz:

Ayame: wah, Reina, you've finally graduated! Excited Blush 

Shigeru: //grabs Reina's head// so, this girl finally graduated, eh? Llama Emoji 42 (Pinch Cheek) [V2] 

Reina: :iconibaramadplz: ............. :iconsupertackleplz: hmph!

Shigeru: 痛い!:iconorekisighplz: but your attitude hasn't graduated yet.. Geddit? :iconomgcryplz:

Reina: :iconorekihmmplz:

Ayame: ara, let's celebrate! :iconsmile-luplz:


//Reina and Ryuu playing video games//

Shigeru: Reina, come here for a second.

Reina: はい !


Shigeru: you're finally going to high school, and your mother realized how hard she has been on you in the past, letting you attend workshops you aren't even interested in. So we both decided to let you choose where to study. We don't want to force you to go to a school you're not happy with.

Reina: :iconnakatsuspitplz: 本当に ? ! Are you serious? This isn't one of your jokes again, Dad? :iconmisakidarkplz:

Shigeru: Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1]  O-of course not!! Why don't you ask your mother yourself?

Ayame: Well, I realized how wrong I have been, and I wanted to make up with you, we wanted you to have the freedom of choosing your school. Llama Emoji-37 (Teehee) [V2] 

Reina: OMG!! :iconspazattackplz: Thank you so much, Mum, Dad!!

Ayame and Shigeru: //smiles happily

Ryuu: //enters// Speaking of which, here's the list of high schools you can enter. Choose one that interests you.

...after a while...

Reina: Ah, this one's perfect!! :iconsqueeeeplz:

Ryuu: What is it?  Llama Emoji 29 (Mah Fudz) [V2] 

Reina: This school called Tachikawa High. I heared this school is very prestigious. I hope this school helps me grow up into a fine, young lady with a sense of discipline and excellence, and help me improve my skills too! Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

Ryuu: What a nice choice! I highly recommend that, that school teaches high quality education, and is really friendly too! Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 

Ayame: Looks like you're very excited, huh? Reina..Tsumugi Kotobuki (Smiles) [V1] 

Reina: Very excited :iconyea-plz: Tachikawa High, HERE I COME :iconlolyouplz:, PYON!! Squidward Sexy (Dance) 

Ayame: REINA! Not ladylike at all.. :iconorekisighplz:

Reina: Ah,  gomene :iconrikkavplz:

--- E N D ---

Additional Info:

* She's quite asthmatic, but it doesn't stop her from dancing (she rests for 15 or so minutes after dancing)
* She has bruxism, and she wears a mouthguard every night to protect her teeth from the grinding. When you sleep with her, you may hear a sound at night that is like a door creaking (but it's just her teeth grinding)
* She has motion sickness (car/bus/ship/plane) but she still traveks tho u w u
*she says "pyon!" when excited.
* Since her mum enrolled her into different workshops when she was young, she's good at different things.
* Her onii-chan is her role model o v o
* She eats a lot, but her weight doesn't actually change since she's active at dancing.
* She is quite short for her age (146 cm). On the other hand, she weighs 48 kg.
* She's a cup D. She got it from her mother and she hates it A LOT! //my cousin added this. When i saw this, i had nothing to do but to deal with it :iconuhuhuhuplz://
* She has four piercings on each side, but she wears normal earrings when at school.
  * She's a great English speaker (for being born in England).
* Her favourite TV shows are *"Nani Kore?" and "Picaru no Teiri". Her favourite Japanese comedian, Naomi Watanabe, is in "Picaru no Teiri" and there's a segment there where she plays the role of a girl named Shiratori Mirei.

~ Voice Reference: (starts at 2:02.. The other voices were hers when she was younger)…


"Eh? Nani kore?! ~"
"I wanna eat moaaaar~~"
"Want some?"
"Dancing is my passion."


None yet ;; u ;; (but you could change that :iconheyboyplz: )

RP Method:

I could rp through notes, comments, skype, or kik (I'm new to rp, so please excuse me when i make mistakes ^\\\\^)


Other information (i really love them):

*Nani Kore (“What’s This?”) is the name of a Japanese TV show that digs up bizarre things and phenomena observed around the world and explains how they work. (There was even an incident where a tree root is shaped like a snake).

Picaru no Teiri:… (i recommend watching this show, it's very funny)

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sHE'S SO PRETTY AND CUTE AAAAA :iconhandspazzplz: I really love her appearance and personality~ :iconsomoeplz: I really hope that we'll get in! :iconshaplz: i'm very sorry for the long wait regarding my app...:iconcrai-plz: I'm almost finished! :iconedyeahplz:
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